Behind the Tin Sheets is a film-based project, based in Bangalore started in 2009, a collaboration between Yashaswini and Ekta. The project was conceptualised around the time when the protests against the metro rail project in Bangalore collided with the construction of the metro rail. We wanted decided to talk to workers from came from faraway villages to build the metro behind the tin sheets to make sense of the where we lived. The project uses video and other related media to engage with the changing landscape of Bangalore. It weaves stories of ghosts, love and labour, nightmares, desires as narrated by migrant workers building the metro rail. Set against the surreal landscape of the ever- transforming metropolis, the first three films under the project, is an attempt to cross the strait between the real and the fictional.

Currently in production under the project, is the fourth film, birha a solo journey by Ekta, one of the collaborators, following workers back to their faraway villages in different parts of India.

Behind the Tin Sheets is imagined to be an ongoing journey of tracing unknown territories far from home. The project will also observe the growth of future cities, abandoned villages and missing people from the workers’ perspective. What we find along the way, we will find a way to share through different media and art forms.

The archive of Behind the Tin Sheets project is open for research and production of new works. All works in this project are licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 CC BY-SA.